Support for innovation concepts outside of ‘safe harbours’: developing approaches to widen the innovation space for new products or processes and prepare due diligence acceptable to regulators.

Support decision-making on acceptable risk for suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers: resolving any immediate crisis and developing repeatable models internally, to make better decisions on risks in incident or in any product/process design scenarios.

Optimise thermal processes to reduce energy consumption and improve product quality: developing approaches that will enable the safe reduction of thermal processes and prepare due diligence acceptable to regulators.

Facilitate new export opportunities: compiling the case for acceptance, equivalency of food (and other animal products) by importing country authorities.

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Lead risk assessment and research activities: working with risk managers and risk assessors to formulate approaches to problems, develop risk questions and deliver results that contribute to the reduction of food borne illnesses.

Develop risk-based regulatory frameworks, policies and standards: working with risk managers to integrate Codex and OIE risk analysis approaches into the regulatory framework for food safety and animal health, from concepts through to standard implementation.

Risk analysis and food safety capacity development: building internal capability in risk-based approaches.

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